What makes my workshops work?

To ensure that my training is both focused and effective I have designed the ZEST model.


I Zoom into what specific knowledge, skills or behaviours the delegates need to learn and how they will apply it in their day to day work.

I work closely with my customers and draw on my own experience as a broker to ensure that the content is directly relevant to the delegates.

This also helps customers save precious time. To find out more, read the client stories Insight into insurance for busy commercial lawyers and Ensuring all broking staff are up to date on liability insurance.


Engagement is essential to effective learning and I run workshops that are highly interactive, energetic and fun so delegates stay engaged throughout.

I also ensure that the games, quizzes and case studies are focused on real work scenarios so the delegates can put their learning straight in to practice.

Workshop length and style is varied to suit the demands and needs of the customer's business.

I used these engagement techniques with this international broker to bring dry content to life and improve contract drafting.


I support the delegates after their training to ensure that the know how is applied successfully. Simply providing a copy of the slides is rarely sufficient. Usually I will supply electronic copies of useful summaries such as checklists, overviews and jargon busters, which will provide an easy future reference.

I am also happy to share my email address for further questions.

This aspect is particularly important when we are building confidence to increase sales as we did with this small U.K. broker.


I test the learners.

Not only does this provide customers with some assessment of the effectiveness of the learning, more importantly it helps make sure the delegates reinforce their knowledge.

I use online pre-workshop testing, in-workshop assessment (sometimes using clickers which have been shown to increase knowledge retention) and online post-course assessments ensure knowledge is transferred and the effectiveness of the workshop is measured.

This is particularly important when we need to ensure all delegates are competent in their role.

Workshop topics

A list of the technical insurance subjects and business skills workshops I deliver can be found at "Technical Insurance Knowledge" although these can be specifically tailored and adapted e.g. “Selling cyber risks insurance to small medium enterprises.”

Please email me neil@neilpark.co.uk if you need further details on any subject.

Chartered Insurance Institute examination support

More and more organisations and individuals are recognizing the need for professional qualifications.

I deliver a range of revision workshops in Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma subjects although the move towards mixed assessments will mean that different types of support such as:

  • Studying and learning techniques
  • Coursework writing techniques
  • Introductory bite sized workshops
  • Model multiple choice assessments
may be required to support learners going forward.


A list of the examinations I can support is here

Please email neil@neilpark.co.uk if you require further details.


Although I love the training aspect of my job, I still enjoy dealing with customers and their risk and insurance issues.

Often this involves providing training or developing learning materials to address specific customer issues but on other occasions I have been more closely involved in advising on a specific placing, claims or policy wording issue.

I offer a flexible and expert resource particularly for brokers who need specific help on a client issue, a project or to deal with seasonal or fluctuating demands where existing employees need support.

Please email neil@neilpark.co.uk if you require further details.