So take a closer look at me
I am an experienced trainer and consultant currently working in the insurance industry in the United Kingdom and internationally delivering workshops in technical insurance, broking and negotiation skills. I also train and support candidates taking their Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma examinations.

I draw on a strong commercial insurance background working for twenty years for international brokers both in London and North America leading teams and managing major client relationships.

I decided to go into to training as I wanted to teach and loved presenting although I soon discovered that successful training is not solely about presenting information effectively or even about being a subject matter expert but about effective facilitation,

As a coach with the Mind Gym I learned the value of being able to deliver learning in bite sized chunks which can be effectively and quickly put in practice in the workplace but have delivered workshops of all types from five day workshops in Turkmenistan (translated in to Russian) to punchy one hour workshops for City solicitors where they know the cost of every six minutes!

As a workshop leader I deliver and have delivered workshops for insurance training organisations in the U.K. and around the world such as the Chartered Insurance Institute, Singapore College of Insurance, The Insurance Institute of Hong Kong, 4d Group, Searchlight and Insurance Market Conferences as well as working directly for several international insurance brokers.

Although I love the face to face element of leading workshop I recognized that in a world where more and more learning takes place informally that they are just one method of improving the success of an organization so I also written and developed e learning materials, hosted live and recorded webinars and even created online flashcards and insurance law computer arcade games to provide as much support to learners as I can.

It is principally this desire to share this know how and resources easily that which has led to the development of this web site and I hope the materials in my Blog and Resources section are useful to you.

I am a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute as well as having an MA in Economics from the University of Cambridge as well as an MBA.