The client: An international insurance broker

The dilemma: How to improve the consistency and quality of client contract documentation. Neil worked with the broker to identify the most common errors which occurred when drafting Market Reform Contracts and agreed on the main coverage areas where brokers needed a better of understanding of the appropriate contractual wording in property damage/business interruption policies. 

Neil ran a series of 2.5 hour workshops at lunch time which all members of the broking team attended. During the 2.5 hours the broking team members undertook a series of exercises where they spotted errors in the market Reform Contracts, advised on what constituted better language and played a series of games which highlighted the difference in certain key terms. The session concluded with a multiple choice assessment for all participants. A check list was then circulated to ensure the learning was put into practice. 

The outcome Members of the broking team had added insight into the key areas of the Market Reform Contract and were able to eliminate drafting errors. The ready made checklist speeded up the checking process and
acted as a useful reminder. The results of the assessment enabled the broker to provide
additional support to those members of the team who needed it.

Posted by Neil Park January 16